Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Old Man: Pocket Squares

If you can't tell by my avatar, I really like pocket squares. And not just pocket squares. Crazy, loud pocket squares. On my last count, I had somewhere around twenty. Two linen and two cotton, and the rest silk. Most of the silk ones have some sort of paisley pattern. I just recently bought my first linen squares, knowing there would be times when I would want something a little more low-key than huge red paisleys. However, I love pairing a crazy pocket square with a somewhat conservative outfit. I think it can push a great outfit over the edge (either into awesome or aweful).

I think my affinity for pocket squares comes from the fact that they are probably what got me into dressing nicer. Last year, I dressed like a typical college student: ie, like a slob. Then I started getting into nasal snuff spring semester of last year. For that, you need a good, dark hankie to wipe/blow your nose (if you used a white one, it would look like you might have run out of toilet paper). So I somehow found The Tie Bar and ordered a few of their pocket squares to use for this. I soon found out that they don't work very well. But then I started wearing ties (the matching ones I got with the pocket squares!) to church. Soon I needed some kind of jacket to put my pocket squares in. I was searching for color coordination, found AAAC, and soon after found AAAT. And now I'm here, 18 pocket squares later.

What are your opinions on pocket squares?

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