Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Old Man: Cardigans

I absolutely love cardigans. I only have a few, because every time I wear one I'm not entirely sure I can pull it off, but I love to see it well done on other people. My wife shakes her head at me whenever I wear one, and my mom/sister sometimes refer to me as "Mitah Roger" (an Office joke). However, I clearly don't give a damn because I seem to have worn them a lot this past fall/winter.

My favorite (though conversely the one I wear the least) is a Irish patch cardigan from Orvis. Link

I have two other ones that I "thrifted" (I have lately been laughing at the interesting grammar of cyber-trad): one charcoal herringbone and another brown wool one from Pendleton. I wear the charcoal one all the time, but have yet to wear the Pendleton yet because it smells awful and I'm too lazy/cheap/poor to take it to the cleaners (it is much more the first two than the last one I'm sure).

I also have an awesome Brooks Brothers cardigan vest I thrifted (with original tags) for something outrageous like $2.50

I hope Guiseppe doesn't mind my using a post of his to demonstrate how awesome a cardigan can be.
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