Friday, February 20, 2009

Old Man: Having Little Patience For Young Upstarts

- No, it was a seven letter word.
- Oh yes. Upstart?
- That's it!
"Duck Soup"

I have mentioned before that I am 1/2 to 3/4 an English major. What makes up the other 1/4 to 1/2? Secondary education. That's right folks, I'm planning on entering the dangerous territory of high-school English.

In my quest to attain this vocation, I have had the opportunity to observe many middle and high-school classes. Yesterday and today I did some observing; yesterday at a middle-school and today at a high-school. I re-discovered why I never want to teach middle schoolers anything ever again. Wow, what a bunch of little jerks. The high schoolers were little better, but not quite as bad. Only one of the four teachers I observed differentiated themselves from the students by how they dressed. And that one was a Clemson grad who wore khakis and a ocbd. I, of course, went a little further.

BB sack blazer
LE khakis
M. Pendleton tie
one of the two aformentioned linen squares
Bass Weejuns

LE two-button sack
Old Navy sweater
thrifted tie
dockers khakis (not too bad)
Barbara Blank pocket square
Florsheim longwings

Because the most casually dressed teacher had worse behaving classes (although I'm sure it was correlation, not causation), I decided to go full out on these little monsters. I'll be going back next week and I'm think of wearing a bow-tie.

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