Monday, February 2, 2009

Old Man: Mustaches

I have a fairly decent handlebar mustache going. I've only been at it for five months or so and I have a pretty thin beard, so I guess it isn't bad for me. I work with a guy who has one of the greatest handlebars I've ever seen. His has been growing for five years so it is an established mustache. He inspired me to start growing mine. I guess I am cheating since I keep a little growing on my chin, but I am considering chopping that off sometime. Anyways, I'll be showing you some pretty sweet mustaches I've found.

Faulkner (see below). It is a thin mustache, but very dignified. It looks a little like mine, but neater and grayer.

Charles Chesnutt. Great mustache, good size. Not too thin, but not so big that it covers his whole face.

Ferdinand de Saussure: Check out that mustache. Nothing arbitrary about that.

Wyatt Earp: The western handlebar. Enough said.

Rollie Fingers

William Taft

Frederic Nietzche: An angry mustache

My own: Not great quality in picture or mustache, but you get the idea. Zoom in to see better definition.

Sorry for all the pictures. Hope I didn't mess up anyone's computers too bad.

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