Saturday, February 14, 2009

Old Man: Quality

Over the past few months of getting into clothing, I have discovered the importance of quality. I always knew about it in other areas. When I bought lots of guitars, I knew that shelling out a little more money for a lot more quality was the smart move. Because while I would save money when I bought it, I'd be SOL when that guitar warped beyond recognition and couldn't hold its tune. Unfortunately, I learned that lesson with very expensive experience. Then, when I got into pipes, I knew that paying for a Peterson that would last so long my great-grandchildren could have it as a keepsake made more sense than settling. I do know that price doesn't always equal quality. But I also know that it is more intelligent and responsible to spend more for more quality than to skimp. Quality is especially important in clothing, things that gets used and more than guitars or pipes, and which are arguably more important than those (depending on your views of decency).

This post by all plaidout really sums up my views on the subject. I'm looking forward to wearing whiskers into my new RRL selvage jeans.

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