Sunday, February 1, 2009

Old Man: Tweed

Since I wore a tweed jacket to Church today, I figured my first real post should be on tweed.

Let me start off by saying that I love tweed. I bought my first tweed jacket sometime this past summer (July I'd guess), and I now have, on last count, seven tweed jackets, plus two tweed flat caps. This jacket number shot up from five over this past weekend, as I thrifted a very nice tweed on Friday, and JordanW (one of our gracious hosts over at The Curriculum) very graciously sent me a great brown herringbone Harris tweed sack yesterday.

Why do I love tweed so much? I'm not really sure. Maybe because its so itchy. Maybe because you can see and feel tweed in a way that you can't see or feel other fabrics. You can see it reaching out; you can feel it lifting off the jacket. Maybe I love tweed so much because of that brown tweed jacket my dad has always worn but I have never really noticed until the past few months. These are unnecessarily Romantic views of a fabric, but I don't give a damn. I know I love Donegal tweed so much because of that Hanna Hats Donegal tweed flat cap I bought in Galway, Ireland during two of the best weeks in my life.

I go into work (a pizza place) when I'm off sometimes wearing a tweed jacket. The other night I went in and one of my managers asked what fabric the jacket was (a Land's End 2 button h-bone sack). When I said "tweed" he said something like "Slumming a bit eh?" I was taken aback a little since I really see tweed as a wonderful fabric.

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