Monday, February 2, 2009

Young Man: Video Games

I'll admit it, I was just playing some video games. I figured I should stop pretending to do something I can't (play football on the college level) and do something I can (write about pretending to do something I can't).

I guess the reason I love video games is because of the time when I grew up. I never had a gaming console as a kid because my parents thought it would rot my brain. However, I did play a few online computer games. Mostly first person shooters (I was pretty into Counter Strike in high school) and real time strategy games (I love the Total War series). A year or so ago, however, my wife and I (before we were married) got an X-box 360 for just over a hundred bucks (her father owns a pawn shop). I mostly play sports games on this console. My favorites are the Madden and NCAA football games. Being as I am a Clemson student, I routinely take Clemson University all the way (not hard actually) even though in reality, Clemson rarely plays at a college level themselves.

Ah well, it is nice to pretend.

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