Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Need Your Help

I didn't feel like trying to come up with a catchy title for this, sorry.

Once I get some money from the IRS, I'll be buying some boots. I have a few choices, and I would like your opinions on them. Interestingly (maybe not) they are all Chippewa boots. I would love some Indy's but that ain't happening.

First: LL Bean Engineer Boots (made by Chippewa):

Second: Sorrell Crazy Horse:

Third: 8" Bay Apache Insulated:

Fourth: 8" Bay Apache Logger style:

OK, here's the deal. There are thinks about each of these that I like and that I don't like. I think my favorite is the 8" Bay Apache Logger style. However, I really don't like the logger style sole, much too big for my taste, especially the heel. The rest of the boot is awesome, and I really like the upper style. I like the Bean ones and the Sorrell ones, but I think I'd prefer the 8" boots. The insulated ones are cool, but I won't ever need the insulation, and I'm afraid my feet will always be too hot. The Bean ones are a little overpriced, I think, plus I don't really like the suede/nuback texture (though I do know that it can be taken off).

So anyways, what are your opinions? Let me know which ones you like.

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