Monday, March 16, 2009

Old Man: Honoring My Heritage

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I am 3/4 Irish, and the two weeks I spent there were some of the best of my life. I am going to honor the day with a quiet celebration. I am not a drinker (though not by my choice), so I won't be going around to the bars . I will be smoking some Peterson Irish Flake from a Peterson pipe, both made in Ireland. I'll be wearing a Hanna Hats cap made from Donegal tweed, bought in Ireland, a J. Press tweed sack made of Donegal tweed, an Orvis Irish patch cardigan, and a green striped tie. I will be listening to and singing songs of Ireland: "The Fields of Athenry," "Boulavouge," "The Bold Fenian Men," "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye," "Mountain Dew" (while wishing for some for myself), and of course, "Monto."

Some pictures of outfit and pipe tomorrow. Enjoy the day.

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