Thursday, March 5, 2009

Old Man: Shaving With a Straight Razor

A few months ago, I used some extra Christmas cash to purchase myself a straight razor set and a safety razor set, to see which one I liked better. I started with the straight, and I haven't actually used the safety razor, once.

I really do love shaving with the straight. I love the set up, with the lathering, the stropping, all of it.

In light of a recent post by Tucker I will admit that I do it only for the idea of it, and not because I need to. I do get less irritation than I did with a cartridge razor, but the only other thing different is the routine. My shave isn't that much closer, and my beard is very light. Some guys talk about how they have to shave with a straight or safety to get a close shave; I'm not that guy. My wife makes fun of me when I shave every other day, when in I only need to shave once or twice a week. In reality (and I tell her this), I never need to shave, since I'm college and my job doesn't require it.

I know Giuseppe shaves with a safety. Anyone else?

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