Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Man: Writing Essays

As I've mentioned before, I am an English major. Because of this fact, I write my fair share of essays. Many people my age hate this (usually) bi-semstrial (neologism) tradition, but I really don't mind it. Especially if it is on something that I get to have at least some sort of say in. Sometimes it can get a little much though. Take now for example. I have five essays due in a two week span of April. Never mind that this two weeks is followed up nicely by exam week (and I have all five of those too, last semester I had two), but the sheer volume of things I'll be writing over the next month or so is intimidating. I just finished a paper on Carlos Bulosan's novel America is in the Heart and the genre of personal history, next I'll be writing a paper about adolescent growth and development through observations at local schools, then a paper on some literary theory topic (not sure yet), then a paper on whether or not it is correct to split infinitives, and finally a paper on the influence of Walt Whitman on Allen Ginsberg, as seen through "A Supermarket in California" ("lonely old grubber" and all that).

So don't expect too much from me for a while. I'll try and do my best but don't be surprised if that isn't much and if what does come out is tinged by such madness as these subjects.

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