Friday, March 20, 2009

Philosophical Friday

This Friday I'll be talking about keywords. I am a little obsessed with my Stat Counter page, and I really enjoy seeing where people come from and all that stuff. The keyword analysis page is very weird though, since most people who would want to read this blog get here from somewhere else (mostly other blogs). So the way people get to a blog called "Young Man/Old Man" through search engines can be kooky and quite frankly, disturbing.

I've gotten a few hits from this search: "growing a handlebar mustache western" That's OK with me, since I like mustaches and its cool if someone wants to grow a handlebar.

I've also gotten a few "working at a pizzeria" searches. That's fine too.

And then this one: "is it OK for a young man to love an old man?" ehh...If that's what you want to search for that's fine and your prerogative, but this isn't that kind of blog.

And by the way, the experiment was a raving success. The hits were astronomical (although I will attribute half of them to Giuseppe's shout out yesterday) and only four people replied. That's exactly what I expected. Thanks to those who replied. I really am quite interested in knowing where people come here from.

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