Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who the Hell Are You?

In the relatively few comments that pop up here , I sometimes see user names that I do not recognize. I guess I figured the only people who would read this would be people from The Curriculum or AAAT, with fairly recognizable user names. But I do acknowledge that many people change up user names (like me, apparently). Also, I suppose that this blog has gotten a little bigger than I first expected (but not big, definitely a good thing).

So anyways, if you are reading this, who are you? Where did you find this blog? I am very interested in this; there is only so much a stat sheet can tell you.

This i also meant to be somewhat of a twofold experiment: the title is provocative enough so that I'm figuring people will click if they see it in HTJ's blog feed, but I'm guessing that most people won't reply, much like this post. Stay tuned and I'll let you all know the results (this is deplorable science, what with me letting the subjects know the terms of the experiment and all, and pretty awful blogging, what with me performing experiments on you and all).

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