Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Young Man: Being Aspirational

My favorite message board is taking some flak at another message board for being too "aspirational." Yours truly was quoted in particular about my affinity for pipes and straight razors. First let me say, that I absolutely, sure as hell am aspirational. I dressed like crap for 19 years of my life, and then I started aspiring to dress better. I was (am) drawn to the trad/ivy/tnsil/whatever the hell style, and so here I am, blogging and posting about clothes. It is no doubt aspirational and who the hell cares? More on point, what is wrong with aspiring to look better than crap? If no-one on the internet trad train was aspirational, there wouldn't be anyone here to write or read. Everyone aspires to look a certain way, whether that way is crap or ivy or trad or hipster or continental or mod. There just happens to be enough crazy bastards who care about this style and want or aspire to dress this way that we can have a community or (of) disunity.

I am sure this is not how they meant when they used the term "aspirational." But since Mr. RS is so fond of applying the term "construct" to trad or the curriculum, he should know that language is also a construct, and so who the hell can say what aspirational means?

Personally I don't give a shit what they meant by it, and I'm sure they return the favor.

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