Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Young Man: Snow Days

Beginning at around 5 pm Sunday evening, it started to snow here in Clemson, SC. Being in the south where it snows sparingly, the University invariably closed yesterday. I got to spend another day lounging at home with my wife. The lounging was interrupted periodically by trips outside to play in the snow, take the dogs out, or watch cars struggle up the icy hill our apartment is at the bottom of. Unfortunately the snow melted and so classes are on for today.

I was born and raised in WPB South Florida, where it rarely got below 60, so snow days are a new thing for me. When I first got here I was told that it really only snowed once every four years; so far it has snowed at least once every year I've been here. I'm hoping to go four for four next winter.

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