Friday, April 24, 2009

Clemson University: A Pictoral Series

This is going to be the first in hopefully many of a series I plan to do over the summer. I'll be taking pictures of different areas of Clemson University (where I currently attend). This time it was the Bowman Field/Tillman Hall/Carillion Garden area. The pictures are small sized on the blog, but if you click on them they should be bigger and better quality.

This shows Tillman Hall, which was the first building of Clemson University (then Clemson College) back when it was only a cadet school. To the right is Bowman Field, to the left is Carillion Garden. I have many classes in Tillman Hall, since it is the home of the Education department.

This is Bowman Field. Tillman is on the left out of the picture. Come noon or one o'clock this field will be full of students playing ultimate frisbee, football, baseball, volleyball, and maybe even foam sword fighting (I've seen it many times).

This is the Clemson Cadet overlooking Bowman Field, from the Military Plaza. This is in commemoration of Clemson's ROTC history.

This is the entrance to the Carillion Garden. The majority of the garden is past the bell, but there was some sort of function going on and I didn't want to disturb it. Way in the background you can see the white building, which is the library, where I have been spending most of my free time this past two weeks.

This is the side of the bell. It is commemorating the members of the class of '39 who died in WWII. The list goes on for quite a bit after the cutoff.

This is me in the Military Plaza (Cadet to the right out of picture). Very casual, but I'll be going hiking later this afternoon. Shirt is thrifted (one of the softest and thinest shirts I own), pants are Carharrt (for hiking), and boots are Chippewa. Sunglasses are Ray-ban (promised picture of the sunglasses many weeks late). Samamidon is on the iPod.

I'll be taking pictures of the hike along the way (if I remember the camera) and I'll put them up here either later tonight or tommorow.

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