Monday, April 20, 2009

Young Man: School

I have to say, I love school. The reason I haven't posted in over a week is school. I start every semester with the same nervous, excited feeling I had in preschool. I wonder what my teachers will be like, even if I've had them for previous semesters. I wonder how I'll fit in with my classmates. That part is lessening, since my courses are getting more major-specific and there are only 10-15 people in my major and at my grade level. Next semester I will be with those same people for the whole year. Thankfully I don't hate any of them...yet. (A side note, of the 15 students, I am one of two males. If I were a smarter man/single, I would have planned it that way. A tip for high school boys eager for female companionship: go into English teaching).

I hope I still keep this feeling even into teaching. It seems to me that sort of feeling would be the only way a person could stay sane while trying to get 150-200 annoying, hormonal kids to appreciate their native tongue.

The fact that by the end of the semester I can't wait to get out has little to no bearing on this post, since by the end of the summer I can't wait to get back in.

Maybe I should go for that MFA after all....
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