Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old Man: Coffee, pt. 2

Here is the promised post on Turkish coffee, made in a cezve (thanks Anon and Old School). I've been making it every day (sometimes twice a day), trying to perfect it. I still don't have it down pat yet, but I feel like today's brew was the best yet. Here are some pictures of the deliciousness.

My cezve, post-brew as unfortunately I didn't grab the camera until after pouring it

Two cups of yum (book is Nikolai Berdyaev: Captive of Freedom; coffee and philosophy go well together).

Close up of the foam.

Bonus shot of the cups. These are from Sweet Maria's. They have a blend (green, of course) called Espresso Monkey. In fact, Espresso Monkey is also in the cup. Seriously, if you need anything for home-roasting (or any general coffee-geek supplies), SM's is the place to go.

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