Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Man: Keep It Simple

This post is pretty much stolen straight from Giuseppe. He did a post a while back called "Keep it Simple pt. 2" where he showed us his take on a classic American look: white oxford, blue jeans, and boat shoes. Here is my take on the same outfit:

He wore it with a long sleeved oxford. Mine is a thrifted short-sleeved LL Bean shirt. He wore it with Levi's 501 STF, mine are RRL (I won't clutter this post up with a bunch of talk about raw jeans and washing, I'll save it for another post). It is essentially the same outfit, with only a few changes.

This is what I would call a "robbie" outfit. Robbie is a user on Style Forum Streetwear and Denim forum who posts a bunch of his outfits in their WAYWT thread. He shops extensively at thrift stores and puts together some great classic American outfits (most are with jeans). He also has a cool blog with lots of posts on classic Americana and stuff. Check it out: Not Even Amateur

This Sunday I'll be trying my hand at a pinned collar on an old JAB point collar shirt. Look out for a post with pictures and my inane ramblings on the relative success or failure of my venture either Sunday night or Monday morning.

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