Monday, May 25, 2009

Old Man: Pinned Collars

Lately I've been searching some of the old WAYWT posts by the users "Band of Outsiders" and "Untilted" on AAAT. They both did (neither posts much anymore) a bunch of examples of using safety pins to pin point and club collars. I really like the look, so I tried it this Sunday. You all can tell me whether or not it worked.

Corbin 3/2 sack suit (charcol stripe)
old JAB point collar shirt
Vintage Florsheim longwings
Resilio Argyle and Sutherlander tie
25 cent safety pin

My own thoughts about the look: I still really like the look, but think I need a longer pin (mine is 2", maybe a 2.5" would look better). Also, I think that the knot might have been a little long.

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