Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Young Man: Internet Speak

I'm a big fan of the internet. It has given rise to all sorts of crazy and silly hobbies for me: blues guitar, metal guitar, paintball, fresh coffee, blogging, and yes, traditional American clothes. But one of my favorite things about the internet is "internet speak." I use way too many acronyms (as The Cordial Churchman has pointed out to me: I like to refer to him as TCC just to be contrary). I use BB, OCBD, 3/2, TNSIL, LE, LLB, AE, AAAC, AAAT, TC, SF, S&D, MC etc. I also like lol, gtfo (despite its rude meaning), tl;dr, ftfy, ttiwwop, and others. But one of my favorite internet words is: steeze. I learned this from SF S&D (see how I did that?). According to the Urban Dictionary, steeze means: "style and/with ease." I am making this post mostly because I want to use steeze (and the adjective form, steezy) in this blog, but didn't want to just drop it on you guys.

And no, I'm not going to define any of those acronyms I used. Urban Dictionary is my go-to site for internet definitions.


edit: here is a Youtube video with a video containing "steeze." You Know My Steeze (warning for some language and a strange lack of steeze)

Also, if you ask real nice I might define some of the acronyms for you.
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