Sunday, May 31, 2009

Young Man: Pink (because everybody is doing it)

Pink has been all the rage lately in blog-world. Giuseppe and ADG both recently put up posts on pink. I just got a pink university stripe shirt from J. Crew. I tried it out today, and thought it worked well. The picture is really terrible, but I promise it is pink and white striped. I messed around with the colors in Photoshop to try and get the pink to show up better, and the other colors are messed up as a result.

Completing the outfit is a BB 3/2 sack, a silk/wool LE tie from JordanW, and the last wearing of the Hanauer patch square (if you haven't read, ADG made me an obscene deal for this square and I jumped on it like, well, like a poor college kid on pretty much any deal).

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