Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Man: Pinned Collars, pt. 2

OK, I fibbed a bit in my last post. I thought this Gitman bros. shirt was a club collar (I was very new when I thrifted it), but upon inspection this morning I found out it isn't. I have no idea what kind of collar this is: probably not trad, but I think it looks awesome pinned. Anyone have any idea? I can provide an unpinned picture if needed. This shirt is also about as close to royal blue as I'm willing to go (it isn't that royal in person, the flash made it stand out a bit).

The usual BB sack blazer
Thrifted madras tie
My new favorite square (from ADG)
Collar pin (from ADG)

Sockless AE Hanover

I love the pin ADG: thanks a bunch!


Edit: I think found it: curved spread? It isn't very spread though, so I'm not sure.
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