Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Man: Sewing

It seems I have inherited an appreciation (and hopefully an aptitude) for sewing from my mother. Last summer I hand rolled and sewed a few linen pocket squares (a lot harder than it sounds: look at a really high quality hand rolled square and imagine keeping those tight rolls for an hour or two), and over last Christmas break I hand sewed a bowtie made from two different thrifted long ties. A pretty spectacular failure, that.

Recently I've had my interest in sewing re-ignited by a few sources.

One is this thread on superfuture: Link

It shows the specific steps (in great detail) that a Japanese master goes through in making a pair of repro selvedge jeans. If you like jeans, it is a great thread. If you are indifferent, it might change your mind. If you hate jeans, you probably shouldn't read it.

Another was the posts by loyal blog reader and forum poster The Cordial Churchman. His wife has been hard at work making seersucker bowties for various members of the AAAT and TC forums (including your's truly). Here is a thread on TC about it. Link If you are interested, I encourage you to contact TCC for these great made in the USA bowties.

So last week I ordered a Brother CS6000i sewing machine. I am going to start with hemming some jeans, hemming and cuffing some suit pants, and repairing various clothing items and things around the house. After I get used to the machine I'll try a bowtie of my own (I think I would have much more success with a machine sewed bow). And after (if) I really get the hang of it, I'll try my hand at making some jeans (I found a supplier of Cone Mills selvedge denim) and maybe even some OCBD's. When the various projects get finished I'll post the results here.

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