Thursday, June 18, 2009

Young Man: Buying Stuff

There is a great thread going on over at The Curriculum, about Building a Wardrobe vs. Buying Stuff. I just made a post over there, and I'm feeling mighty lazy, so I'll just paste my response here. Leave your contributions over there (if you are a member), or here (if you aren't).

"My station in life has limited me to thrift stores (and the generosity of others, which is certainly not lacking either here or on AAAT), which limits me to the "buy stuff" camp. As with most long time thrifters, I have learned to become more discerning with what I take home, but it is still an eclectic (to be extremely facetious) mix.

When I get a real job, I hope to start building up a respectable base of new OCBD's (from BB, hopefully) and trousers. I might also buy a new blazer and a suit. I think I'm set on tweed jackets, ties, and pocket squares (though that fact certainly won't stop me from buying more). I'm most looking forward to buying new OCBD's.

Good thread.

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