Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Man: Loafers

This morning at church I wore a light grey Corbin sack suit (also for the English Shop at Princeton as it turns out), with my Allen-Edmonds Hanover loafers. I also wore them without socks. That is two rules that I violated in one fell swoop. I have a pair of (good old) Florsheim wingtips and an old pair of AE Leeds, but I find myself constantly reaching for my AE's or my Weejuns. I just love how they look and feel, and really don't feel like buying more laced shoes. I'd like to own a pair of shell penny loafers sometime in my life. That is my holy grail of thrifting. So if you come across a pair of 11-1/2 or 12 shell loafers let me know.


edit: here is the picture

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