Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old Man: Natural Shoulders

As I said in another post, I have been submitting entries for The Curriculum's summer contest. I was fairly confident of at least a top 3 finish at that time, but now Brownshoe and d23pallas have jumped in and, combined with TCC and vwguy, I'm significantly less confident.

But in any case, the submission deadline is past and there is nothing left but waiting. However, poster Reddington made a comment about a suit in a picture I had entered that showed me a quality I had never noticed in it before.

He pointed out how natural the shoulders are on this suit. I thrifted this suit a few months ago and only wore it for the first time recently because I hemmed and cuffed the pants. This suit was made by Corbin for The English Shop in Princeton, the same place as that charcoal suit I thrifted last week. I got it at the same thrift store as well, so I'm thinking some trad in Clemson is the same size as me, and I will continue to check that thrift store often.

But to the point, as you can see, the shoulders are quite natural on this suit. I hadn't noticed until Reddington pointed them out. That probably speaks to some amount of ignorance on my part (and no small part, I'm sure), but I think it also shows how comfortable natural shoulders are. I didn't even notice them, when I have noticed the shoulders on most of my other jackets.

Plus they look cool (although I'm sure I shouldn't be allowed to talk about cool).

Edit: Wow, I am very dumb. I just realized I had already put this picture up a few days ago, and here I am talking about it like no-one's ever seen it.

Oh boy.
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