Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old Man: Thrift Store Shopping, pt. 6

I earned $20 in tips last night, so I hit the thrift store this afternoon. The first one didn't have anything, but the second one had some nice gems.

Grey (chalk stripe?) sack suit. The tag says "Tailored by Oakloom Clothiers for The English Shop, Princeton N.J."

Grey (with red, blue and white stripes) sack* suit Tag says: "Regent Clothiers, M.H. Frank, Lexington - Clemson" This is the local men's shop in Clemson. The tag means it is from sometime before 1985 (that is around when they closed the Lexington store, according to the owner).

*This is a sack suit, as there is nary a dart in sight, but I'm not sure if it was ever a 3/2 roll. It also puzzled me because now MH Frank is something of a trendy men's shop. Good proof that even this shop was trad once.

The Oakloom suit pants had cuffs, but were over 2 1/2" too long, and the MH Frank suit had no cuffs and were about 2" too long, so I hemmed and cuffed the one and cuffed the other. Both now have 2" cuffs and no break (I am a no break kinda guy). This makes four pairs of pants hemmed and cuffed, and I'll be doing two more tomorrow. ADG, I'll let you know when you can send your trousers.

Oh ya, and they were $8 each.

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