Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Young Man: Summer Clothes

I really don't like summer all that much. It is very hot and I sweat a lot. I also like winter clothes much more. But part of that is because I don't have as much fun clothes for summer as I do for fall/winter. I do have a few good summer pieces though, and I recently wore them to enter the summer contest on The Curriculum. Here they are.

This is my entry for the casual category. Shirt is LE, shorts are bills, and AE Hanovers round it out (and Wayfarers).

Suit is BB, shirt is Gitman, tie is one of the thrifted madras ties. AE Hanovers again.

Jacket, shirt, and pants are BB. Tie is Hathaway, Hanovers once again.

These pieces make summer a little easier to bear. (This post idea stolen from Patrick's Summer Gear posts. I'm glad he's the judge, because otherwise he would win).

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