Sunday, August 16, 2009

Old Man: Sunday Style

Really the only time I post about outfits is Sunday afternoons (nowadays, anyway; when school starts it will pick up again), so I figure I'll start a little series called "Sunday Style."

Here's what I wore today:

BB suit and shirt/PRL tie (with silly pony at the end, thankfully not visable)/J. Crew socks/AE Hanovers/goofy face cropped

Today at church there was an elder in full on seersucker suit. He looked pretty good, and often wears it. His daughter (I watched her in the nursery during Sunday school) had a pink gingham dress on.

Also, sitting in front of me was a man in a very nice 2 btn., side vented POW check jacket that was either MTM or bespoke. He was the sharpest guy in the building.

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