Monday, August 3, 2009

Young Man: Working in a Pizzeria, pt. 2

Back in February I made a post about my current job, cook at a local pizzeria. I've come to a few realizations about my job.

I really love my job. There are bad things (later), but the good things much outweigh the bad ones. Here are the good things:

1. Free food during shifts, 50% off when not working (not great for my weight though)
2. Awesome bosses. My managers are awesome and hilarious, and the guy who runs our store is really accommodating when I need days off (like in a few days for my anniversary).
3. Especially during the summer, there is a lot of down time, where you can get stuff done that needs to, or just watch Jeopardy or read (I usually do the later, but we like trivia shows).
4. Tips. Not as great during the summer, but on a game day, you can make 80 - 100 bucks each. This really helps with thrifting.
5. Many more, but I just got off a trivia shift (more about this next).

Bad things:

1. Customers. If you've never worked in the food service industry, you won't understand. Ask someone who has, and have them explain it to you.
2. Dollar slice nights. Since summertime is so slow in Clemson, the owners decided to get some business. So we started a trivia night on Mondays (from 8-close, which is 10) and a pool tournament on Thursdays (from 8-11). On these nights and between these times, we sell slices of cheese pizza and pint drafts (Bud Light, Miller Light, Yeungling, Shock-top, Magic Hat #9, and Sweetwater) for a dollar. I just got home from one of these dollar nights, and boy is it crazy. For the first four hours of the shift (4-8), we do maybe 10 orders. For the last two hours we do as many as 150 orders. We go through about 200 slices in those two hours. Bat-shit crazy (excuse me). And the worst part is that we make less money on these nights than on regular nights (even Friday/Saturday shifts, which are two hours longer). You'd think these kids would be grateful they are getting a ten dollar meal for five bucks, but nope.
3. The ovens. We have two 500*+ ovens (on top of each other). Sticking your arms elbow deep in twin ovens that hot two hundred times a shift, and your bound to get burned. I usually get one bad one a week. Lots of little ones on my fingers. Ouch.

I can think of a bunch more bad things, but they all pretty much stem out of #1.

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