Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Man: Thrift Store Shopping

I don't have pictures up yet, because I went last night on the way to work and this morning on the way to class (in class right now; don't tell the teacher), but I scored two great 3/2 sack suits the past two days.

One is medium to dark gray (not quite charcoal) and solid. It is the house brand of some men's shop (never heard of it and can't remember now, but I will take a picture). Everything fits well and I'm set to wear it tomorrow to observation.

The other is a solid medium blue from Norman Hilton. I've never had a NH suit/jacket before, but from what I read they are high quality. The jacket fits great, but the pants waist is much to small. I'm going to work on altering the waist of these pants and see if I can get that down. I'll inform you of the results when I get around to it (won't be for a while).

Both are full canvass (I think) and awesome.

Look for the pictures later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.


EDIT: Oh, and if I can't figure out the waist alterations I'll put the suit up here for sale.
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