Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Man: Relaxing Around the House

A few days ago, there was a thread on AAAT asking the members about something good to wear around the house. This struck me as a silly and strange question, since around the house is the one time (imo) where traditional rules don't apply. I understand someone asking about something appropriate to wear to work or a wedding, or even about stuff like pattern/color matching, since there are definite rules there (even if you choose to ignore them). But something to wear around the house?

Anyways, here is what I'm wearing around the house tonight (I thought I had to work, but my boss was so drunk when he and I agreed that I would work tonight he must have forgotten).

(one of the dogs came over to say hi, which is where I was going or coming from at the moment the picture snapped)

My 8 mth. old RRL slim bootcuts, an old Gap shirt my dad got me for Christmas four or so years ago, and:

LL Bean shearling slippers (please excuse the poor hem job on the jeans, I told the tailor to shape up or ship out; I think I'm serious).

So I guess my answer to the poster would be: something very comfortable.

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