Monday, October 19, 2009

Possible Changes Upcoming

I've recently realized that this blog has become little more than "What Is Conor Wearing," which I find incredibly boring to write/post. I'd like to post longer, more detailed posts involving a little more theoretical stuff, like why I am wearing what I'm wearing. I'll probably continue to post some outfits, if I find any particular outfit really great, and I'll still post my thrift finds (which have been very few and far between lately) and cool purchases, as well as new music (new Castanets album, by the way), but expect them to be less frequent and punctuated by longer more thoughtful posts.

Also possibly in the works are some guest posts by people who I find more interesting and better writers than myself.


EDIT: I also came up with the idea to do a "Blog Review" every week or month or so, where I post awesome pictures from blogs I read. So if your blog is on my blog-roll, prepare to have your pictures stolen and hosted here. I'll give proper credit of course.

I've also been very inspired by Dale at The Smoking Pipe's* great photography to try and take some better pictures, so I'm going to try and take some pictures with more art.

*If you haven't bookmarked Dale's site yet, get at.
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