Sunday, November 15, 2009

Young Man: Bandannas

About two months ago, if you'll remember, I did my first experiment with wearing a bandanna as a neckerchief, around the neck. I tried with my black (actually a charcoal gray) Hill-Side bandanna. I recently took delivery of two RRL bandannas, and they are awesome. This will be a very picture and link-heavy post, but not all pictures of me (thank goodness, right?)

Anyways, here is my collection so far (though missing a red Hill-Side scarf that I technically have but can't really have until early Dec).

Top left: RRL huge paisley, top right: Dad's old bandanna, bottom right: Hill-Side, center: red RRL (this is the one I was wearing a few posts ago).

I think the bandanna look is great. Its not as formal as a tie or an ascot, but looks more interesting than an open neck. And they are functional too. When I go on hikes I usually wear one, which helps keep the sweat from really getting to my shirt (it doesn't need any more help). Some people would probably see this as a kind of a feminine look, but I disagree. And if anyone criticizes you for it being silly, ask them if they like ties. If they do, you're golden. This is only marginally more silly than an ascot, which is only marginally more silly than a bowtie, which is only marginally more silly than a necktie. Boom!

I have a bunch of pictures of me wearing them (I'm a nerd, I know), but some of them you have seen and I'll spare you from having to look at them. Here are some others that you haven't seen.

Hill-side and LE Viyella

Dad's old bandanna and Gap flannel.

Today: RRL huge paisley and LE tattersal.

Here are some other dudes wearing them.

Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven.

Another shot, in color.

John Wayne. Tell him it looks feminine.

If you're into the workwear thing, check out some of SF user Zissou's posts in the WAYW thread. Great use of bandannas. (warning: if you don't like the workwear aesthetic, you won't like him, just to let you know)

Example One

Example Two

Anyways, if you like the look, try it out. The Hill-Side stuff is fantastic, as is the RRL stuff, which can be had for under $40 on the 'bay.

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