Friday, December 11, 2009

Old Man: Cold Weather Style

It was in the 20's when I stepped out this morning to go to my final exam of the semester. Last time it was that cold my hair froze when I was walking to class. I was totally unprepared that time. I feel like I may have overprepared this time, but at least I was warm.

My attempt at a cool detail shot.

Here's a better picture. Brown tweed sack, LE wool sweater, BB OCBD, Hanna hats cap, RRL straight legs, super obnoxious socks, old Florsheim wingtips.

After selling back my books I stopped by MH Frank, my supplier for my pocket square addiction. I also stopped by a thrift store. Here is what I got.

Tie is a Rooster and from a thrift store and the ps is a JZ Richards and from MH Frank. One was forty bucks and one was 99 cents. Sigh.

*I might also have a paisley addiction. A post about that in the future.

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