Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Young Man: Socks

Inspired by my post yesterday showing two of the most ridiculous pairs of socks ever (regimental stripe and buffalo check), I thought I'd show some socks that I want. Some are relatively normal, some are outrageous and obnoxious. I like 'em all. No commentary, except to say where each block of socks came from.

First up are some J. Press socks:

Next up are some socks from the Fine and Dandy shop. Some of these were already shown in my wish list post, but some are new.

Then some J. Crew socks.

And finally, some Ben Silver socks.

That's it. I think socks can be a great accent piece in an outfit, just a little show of color or obnoxiousness at the bottom. Especially if you like highwaters like I do.

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