Thursday, December 10, 2009

Young Man: Topsiders

Inspired by LAS's post in COE's Favorites Series (ever seen so many hyperlinks?) about his Sperry Topsiders, I thought I'd do a quick post about my Topsiders.

I got these for Christmas my freshman year here at Clemson. That would make them about three years old. This was way before my sartorial conversion. The reason I got them was because they are seriously everywhere here and I assume at any southern school.

I have no idea what kind of Topsiders they are. I assume they are just some version of the Original one, but I've never seen another one like them since. I just went with my parents to Macy's or somewhere that was having a sale and picked these out. They made my heels bleed for the first few weeks I tried wearing them. I assumed tying them tighter would help but that was what was making it worse. Eventually I figured it out and tied them loose and it's been like that since then.

I've added a few more pairs of shoes to my shoe collection, but I still reach for these anytime I need to go quickly: they are my no-brainer pair, and they go with everything I have, except suits.

I've only cleaned these once and they are filthy. I like them that way, however.

Here you can see that one of the eyelets popped off. You can also see how much my ridiculously wide feet have stretched these out (almost popping the stitching).

Man these are so comfortable.

*And I agree with LAS. I wear these with socks in the winter when it's too cold for sockless. Always with plain, low-key socks though. And never white, no matter how many good-'ol-boys I see trying it.

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