Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Young Man: Wish List from Fine and Dandy

I've had the Fine and Dandy shop and blog bookmarked for a while now (thanks to LAS), but haven't seriously checked it out until a week or so ago. They have a pretty big selection, and it looks like pretty good quality at very reasonable prices.

*Disclosure - I haven't bought anything from them so I can't comment on actual quality*

Anyways, as most of my clothes shopping is window shopping these days, here is a wish list of stuff I like at the Fine and Dandy shop (for when I get a few bucks).

Red Plaid Tie

Orange stripe bow

Green and blue striped bow (love the vertical stripes)

Red polka dot bow

Paisley pocket square

Polka dot square

Paisley silk scarf

Boot knife sock (how can you not love this?)

Red argyle socks

Maldive (?) socks

Anyways, that's all I can muster now. There is a bunch of other cool stuff there, check it out.

(e-mail me for the address to send my gifts to)

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