Sunday, May 31, 2009

Young Man: Pink (because everybody is doing it)

Pink has been all the rage lately in blog-world. Giuseppe and ADG both recently put up posts on pink. I just got a pink university stripe shirt from J. Crew. I tried it out today, and thought it worked well. The picture is really terrible, but I promise it is pink and white striped. I messed around with the colors in Photoshop to try and get the pink to show up better, and the other colors are messed up as a result.

Completing the outfit is a BB 3/2 sack, a silk/wool LE tie from JordanW, and the last wearing of the Hanauer patch square (if you haven't read, ADG made me an obscene deal for this square and I jumped on it like, well, like a poor college kid on pretty much any deal).


Friday, May 29, 2009

Old Man: Pocket Squares, pt. 2

A while ago, I did a post on pocket squares. Unfortunately, that post as all substance and no style. No pictures. I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures there, but here they are. Refer to the other post for my ramblings about pocket squares.

This is a box my awesome wife bought for me for Valentine's day, to put my pocket squares in.

It has a top tray where I hold odds and ends. I'm a sucker for cool tags (from my RRL jeans and boots).

Take the tray out, and there is this great space, the perfect size for pocket squares.

And now, the different squares, broken up roughly into fabric and patterns. I probably have a few others somewhere, forgotten in some breast pocket.

Silk paislies.

Silk geometric patterns (the bottom two are the same pattern in different colors).

Silk solids.


Cotton squares.

I thought this post would make me think that I had too many squares. But it only makes me want to go out and get some more. Adg, send me an e-mail if you want to work out a deal for the Hanauer: tough break about them being sold out.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old Man: Coffee, pt. 2

Here is the promised post on Turkish coffee, made in a cezve (thanks Anon and Old School). I've been making it every day (sometimes twice a day), trying to perfect it. I still don't have it down pat yet, but I feel like today's brew was the best yet. Here are some pictures of the deliciousness.

My cezve, post-brew as unfortunately I didn't grab the camera until after pouring it

Two cups of yum (book is Nikolai Berdyaev: Captive of Freedom; coffee and philosophy go well together).

Close up of the foam.

Bonus shot of the cups. These are from Sweet Maria's. They have a blend (green, of course) called Espresso Monkey. In fact, Espresso Monkey is also in the cup. Seriously, if you need anything for home-roasting (or any general coffee-geek supplies), SM's is the place to go.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Old Man: Pinned Collars

Lately I've been searching some of the old WAYWT posts by the users "Band of Outsiders" and "Untilted" on AAAT. They both did (neither posts much anymore) a bunch of examples of using safety pins to pin point and club collars. I really like the look, so I tried it this Sunday. You all can tell me whether or not it worked.

Corbin 3/2 sack suit (charcol stripe)
old JAB point collar shirt
Vintage Florsheim longwings
Resilio Argyle and Sutherlander tie
25 cent safety pin

My own thoughts about the look: I still really like the look, but think I need a longer pin (mine is 2", maybe a 2.5" would look better). Also, I think that the knot might have been a little long.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Recently, fellow blogger ADG expressed interest in the pocket square in my profile picture. He was quite right about not being able to wear stuff like this in Clemson, but for the wrong reason. You see, it isn't a purple square at all, but a patchwork square of sorts. The fold highlighted the purple parts.

It is a strong ass square. But I haven't yet found a combination where it did not match. Surely too strong for Clemson, but Clemson be damned.
(Oh, and ADG, you're still not getting it)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Man: Keep It Simple

This post is pretty much stolen straight from Giuseppe. He did a post a while back called "Keep it Simple pt. 2" where he showed us his take on a classic American look: white oxford, blue jeans, and boat shoes. Here is my take on the same outfit:

He wore it with a long sleeved oxford. Mine is a thrifted short-sleeved LL Bean shirt. He wore it with Levi's 501 STF, mine are RRL (I won't clutter this post up with a bunch of talk about raw jeans and washing, I'll save it for another post). It is essentially the same outfit, with only a few changes.

This is what I would call a "robbie" outfit. Robbie is a user on Style Forum Streetwear and Denim forum who posts a bunch of his outfits in their WAYWT thread. He shops extensively at thrift stores and puts together some great classic American outfits (most are with jeans). He also has a cool blog with lots of posts on classic Americana and stuff. Check it out: Not Even Amateur

This Sunday I'll be trying my hand at a pinned collar on an old JAB point collar shirt. Look out for a post with pictures and my inane ramblings on the relative success or failure of my venture either Sunday night or Monday morning.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Old Man: Coffee

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I just started working again this week, which takes up most of my prime posting time (the 4pm to 3am time).

Plus, yesterday I received a delivery from Sweet Maria's, a company in California which sells coffee roasters, different brewing implements (espresso, french presses, ibriks), and most importantly, green coffee beans. I ordered nine pounds of green beans, an ibrik, and two demitasse cups (espresso cups). I have been roasting and brewing since nine this morning (literally).

I'll be doing that for the next week at least, so posting on clothes might be slow for a while. I'll try and keep myself from doing too many coffee posts, but expect at least a few (especially one on brewing Turkish coffee (or Greek or Arabic) in an Ibrik.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Young Man: Internet Speak

I'm a big fan of the internet. It has given rise to all sorts of crazy and silly hobbies for me: blues guitar, metal guitar, paintball, fresh coffee, blogging, and yes, traditional American clothes. But one of my favorite things about the internet is "internet speak." I use way too many acronyms (as The Cordial Churchman has pointed out to me: I like to refer to him as TCC just to be contrary). I use BB, OCBD, 3/2, TNSIL, LE, LLB, AE, AAAC, AAAT, TC, SF, S&D, MC etc. I also like lol, gtfo (despite its rude meaning), tl;dr, ftfy, ttiwwop, and others. But one of my favorite internet words is: steeze. I learned this from SF S&D (see how I did that?). According to the Urban Dictionary, steeze means: "style and/with ease." I am making this post mostly because I want to use steeze (and the adjective form, steezy) in this blog, but didn't want to just drop it on you guys.

And no, I'm not going to define any of those acronyms I used. Urban Dictionary is my go-to site for internet definitions.


edit: here is a Youtube video with a video containing "steeze." You Know My Steeze (warning for some language and a strange lack of steeze)

Also, if you ask real nice I might define some of the acronyms for you.

Keyword Analysis

I find it humorous to look at the keyword analysis for this blog every once in a while. Here my favorite one from my most recent look at them.

"how to tie crazy pocket square"

I would like to know how to tie a crazy pocket square myself. If anyone has some great ps knots, let me know.


Young Man: Rolling Cuffs in Clothes

I roll cuffs into lots of things: jeans, some pants, and every long sleeved shirt not worn with a jacket. Well recently I got some madras shorts at Old Navy (my wife and I were shopping for her and I liked the look of these). They look great, but they are a good two inches too long. So I decided to roll the bottoms today.

This look is more StyleForum S&D than AAAT or TC, but I like it. The shirt is a thrifted LE OCBD. The sleeves are an inch too short, so it is useless with a jacket. I like it like this though.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cool Blog

I've been out of the loop lately, so I was catching up on my regular blogs today. I found this post by ACL about this blog: Definitive Beards. I'm probably alone among my readership in my appreciation for beards/mustaches/shaving, but if you like those things this is a really cool blog.


Old Man: Thrift Store Shopping, Pt. 4

I should be put in blogger jail for not updating in so long with no warning. I was in Charleston over the weekend with my wife and my parents. I hit up the trad stores (Ben Silver and Dumas), but didn't buy anything (the saleslady in BS was pretty darn rude to my wife and me), but I found some great stuff in a local thrift store.

Two shirts (one Gant and one J. Crew) - out of picture and in the wash

AE Leeds

BB 3/2 tan seersucker sack suit (too many adjectives)

Then today I stopped by a local thrift store on a whim and found more great stuff.

Corbin 3/2 (mis-pressed into a 3 btn) sack suit

Seven cotton madras ties


Friday, May 1, 2009

Young Man: Summer!

I officially finished with the Spring 2009 semester this morning at around 9:45. To commemorate, I dressed up a little.

BB shirt and jacket (poplin sack)
Hanauer ps
Rayban Wayfarers

Florsheim Kenmoores
Unsuccessful crop out of Xbox controller

I'm very happy to be done. I've got a date with some Dostoevsky and Faulkner books.

Also look for more frequent and varied posting in the future. Topics for consideration include: bow-ties, going sockless (yes, even with wingtips), reading, writing, mustaches pt. 2 (if I shave my chin-hairs), and of course, new music (a lot of my favorite bands are coming out with new music over the summer).