Monday, June 29, 2009

Almost Back

I just ordered a new computer this morning. It should get to me sometime late this week or early next week. After that I'll be up and running again.

On an unrelated note, I start summer classes this Wednesday, which might cut into my posting time a little bit.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Change Of Plans

My computer died on Saturday, so instead of seeing pictures of the seersucker suit, you won't see anything, at least until I can get the computer working again. This is being posted from campus, and I won't be driving to campus to make posts here.

Sorry. This hurts me more than it hurts you.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Old Man: Thrift Store Shopping, Pt. 5

I stopped by the thrift store today for the first time in probably a month. My past trips in the summer yielded nothing. So I wasn't expecting much, but a few things prompted me to go.

First: My post yesterday in the thread about wanting to get more OCBD's, combined with

Second: A post on AAAT in the "How many OCBD's do y'all own?" thread about someone getting a whole bunch of BB OCBD's.

And I'm sure glad I did. Here's what I got.


L to R: BB, BB, Hathaway, PRL

Unbranded pink pinpoint OCBD

Two Gitman Bros pinpoint OCBD's


Like I said, I'm glad I checked.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Man: Seersucker Day

Well, according to the fellas over at AAAT, today is Seersucker Day. I have to work tonight, so I'm hanging out at the apartment right now, hopefully not going anywhere. As such, I didn't think I'd be participating in Seersucker Day. However, I threw on my thrifted green BB seersucker shorts. Nothing special, and just hanging out, but I feel better anyways.

That's Rowdi, one of our dogs. She felt like getting in the picture I guess.

My real contribution will be this Sunday. I'll be premiering the BB seersucker suit I thrifted in Charleston. I have the outfit picked out already in my mind, and I think it's going to be pretty good. Boring colorwise in the basics (shirt, tie, shoes), but with some great and colorful details.


Young Man: Buying Stuff

There is a great thread going on over at The Curriculum, about Building a Wardrobe vs. Buying Stuff. I just made a post over there, and I'm feeling mighty lazy, so I'll just paste my response here. Leave your contributions over there (if you are a member), or here (if you aren't).

"My station in life has limited me to thrift stores (and the generosity of others, which is certainly not lacking either here or on AAAT), which limits me to the "buy stuff" camp. As with most long time thrifters, I have learned to become more discerning with what I take home, but it is still an eclectic (to be extremely facetious) mix.

When I get a real job, I hope to start building up a respectable base of new OCBD's (from BB, hopefully) and trousers. I might also buy a new blazer and a suit. I think I'm set on tweed jackets, ties, and pocket squares (though that fact certainly won't stop me from buying more). I'm most looking forward to buying new OCBD's.

Good thread.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Young Man: Concerts

I'm driving down to Gainsville this afternoon to see mewithoutYou, my favorite band of all time (at the moment, at least). I'll be back on Sunday, so don't expect many new posts by me until then. I leave you with some songs off the new mwY album.

At the concert I'll be wearing my "Keep It Simple" outfit. I've named my boots "hippie stompers," based off of Patrick's "Commie Stompers." I'm sure I'll meet quite a few hippies tonight so I'm ready.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Young Man: Strongside/Weakside

Tonight's post comes courtesy of The Onion, which has been making me wake my wife up with laughter for the past three nights. If you don't know, The Onion is a fake news agency that comes up with some hilarious stuff. One of my favorite things The Onion does is the Strongside/Weakside feature for sports. Here are some of my favorites (warning, most of these contain language, so avoid them if that bothers you).

Dwight Howard
Kobe Bryant
Sidney Crosby
CC Sabathia
Tom Brady

There are tons of these, so if you like them, go to The Onion and search "strongside."


Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Man: Sewing

It seems I have inherited an appreciation (and hopefully an aptitude) for sewing from my mother. Last summer I hand rolled and sewed a few linen pocket squares (a lot harder than it sounds: look at a really high quality hand rolled square and imagine keeping those tight rolls for an hour or two), and over last Christmas break I hand sewed a bowtie made from two different thrifted long ties. A pretty spectacular failure, that.

Recently I've had my interest in sewing re-ignited by a few sources.

One is this thread on superfuture: Link

It shows the specific steps (in great detail) that a Japanese master goes through in making a pair of repro selvedge jeans. If you like jeans, it is a great thread. If you are indifferent, it might change your mind. If you hate jeans, you probably shouldn't read it.

Another was the posts by loyal blog reader and forum poster The Cordial Churchman. His wife has been hard at work making seersucker bowties for various members of the AAAT and TC forums (including your's truly). Here is a thread on TC about it. Link If you are interested, I encourage you to contact TCC for these great made in the USA bowties.

So last week I ordered a Brother CS6000i sewing machine. I am going to start with hemming some jeans, hemming and cuffing some suit pants, and repairing various clothing items and things around the house. After I get used to the machine I'll try a bowtie of my own (I think I would have much more success with a machine sewed bow). And after (if) I really get the hang of it, I'll try my hand at making some jeans (I found a supplier of Cone Mills selvedge denim) and maybe even some OCBD's. When the various projects get finished I'll post the results here.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Man: Pinned Collars, pt. 2

OK, I fibbed a bit in my last post. I thought this Gitman bros. shirt was a club collar (I was very new when I thrifted it), but upon inspection this morning I found out it isn't. I have no idea what kind of collar this is: probably not trad, but I think it looks awesome pinned. Anyone have any idea? I can provide an unpinned picture if needed. This shirt is also about as close to royal blue as I'm willing to go (it isn't that royal in person, the flash made it stand out a bit).

The usual BB sack blazer
Thrifted madras tie
My new favorite square (from ADG)
Collar pin (from ADG)

Sockless AE Hanover

I love the pin ADG: thanks a bunch!


Edit: I think found it: curved spread? It isn't very spread though, so I'm not sure.

Friday, June 5, 2009

For ADG: Thanks!

ADG, I got my package today: great stuff. I think I'll try out the collar pin Sunday morning with a Gitman club collar shirt.