Monday, November 30, 2009

Young Man: My Jeans

This post isn't meant to be a justification for jeans to anyone. I know some people hate them, and a few words from me won't change your mind. If you do hate them, check back in a few days when there is a new post up. If you don't, hopefully these pictures will be of interest to you.

This is my first pair of selvedge denim, some RRL slim bootcut (practically unnoticeable). These are 10 months or so old. I just washed them yesterday, after about a month. I don't remember how many times they've been washed (somewhere around 5 or 6 maybe), but I do know I can't do the 1 yr. + without washing. Not because of the smell (hung up after a few days takes care of that), but they stretch out after a while, and I actually wear these pretty hard and they get dirty easy. Anyways, here are some pictures, no flash, but some color adjustment on the up-close pictures.

RRL leather patch. Pretty worn down.

The hole my knife has worn away (wear it everyday).

Here you can see one of the hidden back pocket rivets about to bust through.

Combs. I didn't want to mess with the color here as I didn't want to overplay the fades. They are visible but not overly so.

Lap fades. Again, not super high-contrast, but still there.

I love this tag. Made in U.S.A.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Man: Sunday Style

Tweed and paisley for this Sunday. Bean shirt, Hanauer bow, Barbara Blank ps, thrifted tweed, and new blue suede shoes. Time for a haircut.

Bonus Thanksgiving shot. Oversized everything (except inseams) for comfort. Shoulda left the cardigan unbuttoned.

I've really been enjoying reading through Dressing the Man lately, learning a lot about proportion and color. Turns out dressing is a lot more difficult than I thought. Look for me to be working through that process in the near future.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catch-up Post

Sorry it's been so long again. School + work + football game + family coming up = little time to take pictures of myself and even less to blog. I've been keeping up with my other blog The Strayaway Child, mostly because it is so easy to just dump all kinds of stuff there. So check it out. It's pretty eclectic, so there should be something for everyone. Check it out.

Anyways, here is what I've been doing.

This is from Friday, my last observation. I had to work an eleven hour shift that night, so I didn't have much time to throw it up.

Another reason I didn't have much time was because this showed up at my house on Friday:

Alan Flusser's book Dressing the Man. It was a very generous gift from ADG, who, in addition to sending it along to me, even had it customized by the man himself:

Amazing. He claims he doesn't want anything in return, but I'mma keep trying to convince him to take at least a pocket square or something.

Friday also saw the arrivals of my in-laws from South Florida. They came up for Thanksgiving, and generously bought the wife and me tickets to the Clemson-Virginia game (where we clinched a spot at the ACC title game, though in rather poor style). They brought up a couple things from my parents: some gourmet dark chocolates (my weakness), my new driver's license (but with my 16 year old mug still on it), and an interestingly shoebox shaped compartment, wrapped in the Palm Beach Post front Sports page from the day after we beat UM in Miami (my dad - a Clemson alum - was able to go and rub in his brother's - a UM alum - face). I figured I knew what it was, and my wife confirmed it was my birthday present (not for another two weeks). I knew what was in it though and couldn't wait so I asked my parents the next day if I could open it now. They reluctantly agreed and these were waiting for me:

Navy suede Clark's desert boots. Wore 'em all Saturday night bumming around the house after the game, but couldn't wear them Sunday as it was raining and I hadn't proofed 'em yet. I got to wear them all day today and they are like slippers, only more comfy. Here's a picture of what I wore today.

And a close-up of the shoes:

This is a picture I took sometime last week. This outfit is all sortsa wrong, a workwear/trad/continental/cowboy bastard that I can't help but love. I fully expect the rest of you to hate it though and I'm damn fine with that.

Anyways, that's whats been going on. School is a bitch and the tumblr blog is much easier so go ahead and bookmark that because that's where I'll be mostly in these busy next few weeks. But I'll check up here at least once a week.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Young Man: Inspiration Board

Inspired by LAS's inspiration board, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, I created my own, The Strayaway Child. Just random quotes, pictures, music, videos, etc. that get me going.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Post: LAS On Elvis Presley

Here is the second post in my guest post series (aka, my attempt to make this blog interesting).

This post is by LAS, relative newcomer to the menswear blog scene. He might be newer to the scene than some people (like me), but that hasn't stopped him from killing it from the very start (unlike me). Check him out over at Sartorially Inclined. Here is his post.

When Conor approached me to do a guest post I was admittedly flattered. I follow Conor's blog and one of the reasons I don't do more posts on myself and my own gear is due to the fact that guy's like him have that kind of stuff on lock (not to mention my point and shoot sucks). Being given full reign to talk about anything and everything was a little intimidating at first, and much like a guest who was invited to a classy dinner party, I knew I had to bring something seriously proper.

Luckily for me as I was waiting in the airport late on a Sunday night watching the Colts battle the Patriots when a commercial for Sirius satellite radio came on. While I don't quite remember the pitch, I do remember the Elvis Presley video clip that kicked it off. Evils was, and always will be, a complete and utter stud in my eyes. His talents, while never questioned, become all the more apparent by the day as white R&B singers become more scarce than white rappers. With some fresh inspiration I hit the interwebs to dig up some pictures of The King. All jumpsuits and Vegas bafoon-ery aside, Elvis had style in spades. Before long it became clear to me that my guest post would be the perfect opportunity to do a style retrospective featuring, the one, the only, Elvis.

No discussion of Elvis' style can begin without talking about that head of hair. The stuff of a greasers wet-dream, The King's iconic do was something he picked up while driving trucks and hanging out with truckers in Memphis. While southern truckers had been wearing their hair in this style for sometime, It was Elvis who made the greasy, jet-black, sideburn clad, ducktail famous.

Elvis' style, much liked his music, was fascinating. His ability to blur the lines between race was equally spellbinding and frightening for the 1950's. It could be argued that America was never truly ready for Elvis. Case and point: above you'll see mid to late 1950's era Elvis channeling both down south, good ol' boy country and badboy, rhythm and blues lady killer.

The guy cleaned up nice too. Check out Elvis here with Ann Margret from their 1964 film Viva Las Vegas. The expertly tailored, skinny lapel suit and tie bar are ubiquitous these days and here Elvis put on a clinic (sorry Mr. Draper). I'm fairly certain this is a sharkskin suit as well, and was hoping to find some color pics, but black and white will have to do for the time being.

It takes a lot of balls to rock all black leather during your 1968 comeback special on NBC. Facing the nation with his career steadily in decline, Elvis hit back with a vengeance. With one set, an intimate crowd and an arsenal of chart-topping hits, Elvis single handedly won America over for a second time. It takes a certain level of iconic status to pull something like this off. It doesn't hurt to be the King Of Rock and Roll either.

While my style retrospective ends here, we all know The King's career didn't. I won't go into the tailend of what can only be described as a monstrous career because it often cheapens all the great things Mr. Presley did for music and entertainment. At the end of the day, The King couldn't stop, well, being "The King" and it ultimately led to his unfortunate demise. Despite a classic lesson in self destruction, he left a legacy that changed the face of music and a style as iconic as a pair of blue suede shoes. Oh, wait...


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Young Man: Bandannas

About two months ago, if you'll remember, I did my first experiment with wearing a bandanna as a neckerchief, around the neck. I tried with my black (actually a charcoal gray) Hill-Side bandanna. I recently took delivery of two RRL bandannas, and they are awesome. This will be a very picture and link-heavy post, but not all pictures of me (thank goodness, right?)

Anyways, here is my collection so far (though missing a red Hill-Side scarf that I technically have but can't really have until early Dec).

Top left: RRL huge paisley, top right: Dad's old bandanna, bottom right: Hill-Side, center: red RRL (this is the one I was wearing a few posts ago).

I think the bandanna look is great. Its not as formal as a tie or an ascot, but looks more interesting than an open neck. And they are functional too. When I go on hikes I usually wear one, which helps keep the sweat from really getting to my shirt (it doesn't need any more help). Some people would probably see this as a kind of a feminine look, but I disagree. And if anyone criticizes you for it being silly, ask them if they like ties. If they do, you're golden. This is only marginally more silly than an ascot, which is only marginally more silly than a bowtie, which is only marginally more silly than a necktie. Boom!

I have a bunch of pictures of me wearing them (I'm a nerd, I know), but some of them you have seen and I'll spare you from having to look at them. Here are some others that you haven't seen.

Hill-side and LE Viyella

Dad's old bandanna and Gap flannel.

Today: RRL huge paisley and LE tattersal.

Here are some other dudes wearing them.

Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven.

Another shot, in color.

John Wayne. Tell him it looks feminine.

If you're into the workwear thing, check out some of SF user Zissou's posts in the WAYW thread. Great use of bandannas. (warning: if you don't like the workwear aesthetic, you won't like him, just to let you know)

Example One

Example Two

Anyways, if you like the look, try it out. The Hill-Side stuff is fantastic, as is the RRL stuff, which can be had for under $40 on the 'bay.


Young Man: Sunday Style

The bandanna post should be up tonight.

What? No tie to church? Preposterous! Excommunication! Church discipline at the least!

Normally I'd agree with you, but we were in the nursery today and I got home at 2:30 am last night so I didn't feel like putting a tie on. Shut up.

Details: 2 btn sack, LE OCBD, thrifted cords, Hanauer square, AE Hanovers.

Keep an eye on the blogrolls for the kerchief/bandanna post sometime tonight.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Young Man: A Year Long Long Interview

The antepentultimate observation. Decided to go old school on 'em.

Once I got home I ditched the tie and blazer and opted for my new RRL bandanna/handkerchief for a trip to campus to print out the info for tomorrow's teacher's certification exam (the first of three, unfortunately), and for ice cream for my wife and the kid she watches.

Look for a post about bandannas/handkerchiefs soon.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catch-up Post

I'm sorry it's been so long, but here are a few pictures of what's been happening here.

As stated before, the wife and I got to go to the Clemson-FSU game this past Saturday, my first game since sophomore year. It was a great game and good to see us beat FSU again. As you can see our seats were awful. But it didn't matter one bit to either of us.

We also stood up before the Church this past Sunday to restate our vows before the congregation. My voice cracked with the "I do's," as you would expect after a night game in Death Valley. One of the elders told me I dress up nice.

These are our dogs. Rowdi in front (some lab mix) and Koda bear (most often referred to as bearface or beardface, or just face) in back (lhasa apso). Caught this picture last night.

As for what I've been doing with my little free time, I've been relearning the tin-whistle (mine are brass). Great fun. And if you haven't already deduced from my obsession with Donegal tweed, I'm obsessed with Ireland. I'm saving up my Christmas money for a Low D whistle, shown here played by John McSherry, who happens to also play a mean uilleann pipe.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Young Man: A Year Long Interview

Another picture-only post. Sorry. 5pm to 4am tonight. I get tomorrow off so I get to go to the Clemson-FSU night game. So excited. It will be the first game I'll be able to go to since sophomore year.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Young Man: A Year Long Interview

Sorry for the lack of posts and responses to comments. School and work are double teaming me right now so this is the best I can do. A picture and no commentary.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old Man: Sunday Style

I officially love daylight savings time. An extra hour after gameday weekend makes all the difference. A lousy fifty bucks over the whole weekend (Halloween and homecoming? Should've made fifty Friday alone.)

Corbin/Kenneth Gordon (love the tab collar)/Resilio/Hanauer/AE Graysons