Thursday, December 31, 2009

Young Man: Happy Holidays

Tonight and tomorrow being the last days of the holiday season, I'd like to wish all my readers a Happy Holidays. Here's hoping yours was great, as was mine.

I'll be back to posting substantial stuff sometime within a week, hopefully. I'll be opening with a large catch-up post, as is usual after a long break. It will contain some significant changes to myself and to the blog. I'll be starting full-time student teaching this coming semester, so output will change, though it remains to be see exactly how it will change. I don't plan on stopping completely, but I'm sure it will drop significantly.

Anyways, until then,


Friday, December 11, 2009

Young Man: Vacation

Tomorrow morning the wife and I leave for South Florida. I'll be back in South Carolina around the end of December, so posting might pause until then, but as I need to do lesson-plan work over the break I'll be bringing the laptop anyways, I'm sure a post or two will get up here.

It will be strange to go from 30 degrees to 90 degrees in a matter of eight hours, so packing clothes will be tough, and light. One suit, one blazer, a few khakis, few polos, few oxfords, and one pair of jeans. Shoes were light too: topsiders. tassels, and Clarks. Gotta save space.

Anyways, just letting you know the scoop. See you when I see you.


Old Man: Cold Weather Style

It was in the 20's when I stepped out this morning to go to my final exam of the semester. Last time it was that cold my hair froze when I was walking to class. I was totally unprepared that time. I feel like I may have overprepared this time, but at least I was warm.

My attempt at a cool detail shot.

Here's a better picture. Brown tweed sack, LE wool sweater, BB OCBD, Hanna hats cap, RRL straight legs, super obnoxious socks, old Florsheim wingtips.

After selling back my books I stopped by MH Frank, my supplier for my pocket square addiction. I also stopped by a thrift store. Here is what I got.

Tie is a Rooster and from a thrift store and the ps is a JZ Richards and from MH Frank. One was forty bucks and one was 99 cents. Sigh.

*I might also have a paisley addiction. A post about that in the future.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Young Man: Thursday Night TV

Thursday Night is as good as it gets as far as comedy goes. During the semester I had class from 12 to 6:30 pm on Thursdays, and the two and a half hours of comedy gold really redeemed those nights.

Starts out with the surprisingly great new show Community.

Pierce is really the highlight of this show, though Abed is right on his heels.

Then is Parks and Recreation. Pretty funny. Not as good as Community, but better than most. Ron is the best.

The Office comes on next. Not as good as it was, but there are still some gems. Andrew (Nard-dog) is the greatest character in Office history.

30 Rock heads up NBC's domination of comedy. There are so many great characters on this show: Tracy, Jack, Kenneth, Liz, Dr. Spaceman. Second favorite show.

Thursday night concludes with the greatest half-hour in television: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I think it is one of the funniest shows ever, but it can be very offensive to some people. So be forewarned.

Thursday night is the best nights in television. If Modern Family had a better supporting cast, Wednesday would make a strong case.

But you can't beat Thursday.


Young Man: Topsiders

Inspired by LAS's post in COE's Favorites Series (ever seen so many hyperlinks?) about his Sperry Topsiders, I thought I'd do a quick post about my Topsiders.

I got these for Christmas my freshman year here at Clemson. That would make them about three years old. This was way before my sartorial conversion. The reason I got them was because they are seriously everywhere here and I assume at any southern school.

I have no idea what kind of Topsiders they are. I assume they are just some version of the Original one, but I've never seen another one like them since. I just went with my parents to Macy's or somewhere that was having a sale and picked these out. They made my heels bleed for the first few weeks I tried wearing them. I assumed tying them tighter would help but that was what was making it worse. Eventually I figured it out and tied them loose and it's been like that since then.

I've added a few more pairs of shoes to my shoe collection, but I still reach for these anytime I need to go quickly: they are my no-brainer pair, and they go with everything I have, except suits.

I've only cleaned these once and they are filthy. I like them that way, however.

Here you can see that one of the eyelets popped off. You can also see how much my ridiculously wide feet have stretched these out (almost popping the stitching).

Man these are so comfortable.

*And I agree with LAS. I wear these with socks in the winter when it's too cold for sockless. Always with plain, low-key socks though. And never white, no matter how many good-'ol-boys I see trying it.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Young Man: Socks

Inspired by my post yesterday showing two of the most ridiculous pairs of socks ever (regimental stripe and buffalo check), I thought I'd show some socks that I want. Some are relatively normal, some are outrageous and obnoxious. I like 'em all. No commentary, except to say where each block of socks came from.

First up are some J. Press socks:

Next up are some socks from the Fine and Dandy shop. Some of these were already shown in my wish list post, but some are new.

Then some J. Crew socks.

And finally, some Ben Silver socks.

That's it. I think socks can be a great accent piece in an outfit, just a little show of color or obnoxiousness at the bottom. Especially if you like highwaters like I do.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Young Man: Birthday Haul

Here's the sartorial stuff I managed to pull down from my birthday.

(click for a full view. Blogspot cuts it off for some reason)

Socks and gloves are from a PRL outlet visit yesterday.

Navy suede Clarks are from my parents.

Dunderdon scarf and "plum" Hill-Side bandana are from my loving wife.

(she also got me the third season of 30 Rock and the fourth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Watching some 30 Rock now)


Young Man: My Wish List

Not going to do a post on stuff I think people should buy for other people, as other people are doing that better than I am or could. This post is about stuff I asked for.

Saddleback leather wallet

Yama vacuum pot coffee brewer

Epaulet bow tie (LAS rocked this)

J. Press collar pin, to compliment my silver one from ADG

BB club collar shirt (bad pic, sorry)

LL Bean flannel shirt

That's about it. E-mail me for where to send it all (partly joking).


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Old Man: Sunday Style

Cold as hell today.

Before church, with a scarf. New haircut.

After church, a little warmer so I dropped the scarf.

An orange square in memorial for my Tigers. Tough loss, CJ played like a Heisman candidate should.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Young Man: Time Wasters

As if I really need to be wasting any time right now. But you gotta take study breaks sometimes, and lately when I need a study break I've been going to Sporcle. It's a site that has a bunch of quizzes, easy to hard, on all sorts of things, from History to Literature (my wheelhouse) to pop culture stuff. Fun but addicting.

Today's time waster is college football, however.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Young Man: For the Beard Haters

The always unpredictable and quite predictable Russell Street, King of the Film Noir Buff's Take Ivy forum has put up a thread placing bids on me shaving everything. How much are you willing to pay to have me shave?


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guest Post on Sartorially Inclined

LAS graciously included me in working on his highly interesting project, The Bean Boot Project. My guest post is up now here. Check it out, but don't believe his praises for a second.

Many thanks to LAS for letting me be a part of it.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Young Man: Sartorial Contrivances

Stole the term from ADG I think. Anyways, the other day I was searching the AAAT forum regarding Chipp and Winston tailors, and user Tom Rath (who really only posts at FNB now) was writing about how he met Paul Winston to discuss a suit. He said the man came out in a beat-to-hell button-down, with his tie pinned to his shirt with a safety pin (probably a collar pin). I recalled seeing this at SF poster LabelKing's blog. I'm home and don't have to work tonight like I thought so I decided to try it out. I like it, but it is somewhat of a pain (but like pinning the collar, it's worth it I think).

Here is a sample outfit (forgive the rather uninspired choices: the tie was chosen because I don't wear it often, and the jacket is one of my best fitting ones so I threw 'em on). When the jacket is buttoned, no-one suspects anything. When it is unbuttoned, however:

You can see the pin (with ADG's collar pin). The tie looks pretty short, but the jeans are lower-rise so it makes it look shorter. And it was a hasty knot.

Take it or leave it, but I might use it every once it a while to mix things up.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Young Man: Wish List from Fine and Dandy

I've had the Fine and Dandy shop and blog bookmarked for a while now (thanks to LAS), but haven't seriously checked it out until a week or so ago. They have a pretty big selection, and it looks like pretty good quality at very reasonable prices.

*Disclosure - I haven't bought anything from them so I can't comment on actual quality*

Anyways, as most of my clothes shopping is window shopping these days, here is a wish list of stuff I like at the Fine and Dandy shop (for when I get a few bucks).

Red Plaid Tie

Orange stripe bow

Green and blue striped bow (love the vertical stripes)

Red polka dot bow

Paisley pocket square

Polka dot square

Paisley silk scarf

Boot knife sock (how can you not love this?)

Red argyle socks

Maldive (?) socks

Anyways, that's all I can muster now. There is a bunch of other cool stuff there, check it out.

(e-mail me for the address to send my gifts to)