Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style

Cold again this morning on the way to church. I was planning on wearing a suit but then remembered we were in the nursery again (and I worked until two last night) so I kept it simple.

Blurry, art concept.

Clearer detail shot.

Cred shot.

There was a conversation on twitter last night that I was catching up on about cameras for blogging. LAS of Sartorially Inclined is looking for something good but not too expensive. A lot of guys were recommending DSLRs and all other kinds of cameras I have absolutely no experience with or knowledge about. Also lately, David of The Natural Aristocrat is trying out some new stuff to spice his pictures up. I know my photography isn't the greatest on the interwebs, but I feel like I do alright, especially since I use an old point and shoot from my father in law's pawn shop. But I think anyone that does this for a hobby (ie not for money) could be fine with a simple point and shoot. The important things to remember with that are: take pictures outside, in natural light, and since you'll be doing that, don't use the flash. You'll be golden.

(First day of student teaching tomorrow. Wish me luck)

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