Monday, January 18, 2010

Old Man: Tie Dimple

No update yesterday because I'm sick again. Incidentally I'm also a little sick of only posting pictures of me.

So here's a (probably) long, (inevitably) boring essay on one of the smallest, least consequential parts of an outfit: the tie dimple.

Since the time when my dad first showed me how to tie a tie (fourth grade I think, for a choir concert), I have been irreversibly prejudiced to the four in hand tie knot. It's a good thing too, since that's the knot used so often in the trad/ivy style of dress.

The thing about four in hand knots is that they almost always look better with a dimple. This is of course up for debate, and there are plenty of people who can pull off an undimpled tie like they can breathe, but for me it's gotta be dimpled. So much so that by now I unconsciously check the knot throughout the day to make sure it still has that nice dimple going. An interesting side note is that this incessant checking is completely opposite to the nonchalance that many of us strive for in our dress (I won't say spretzzastasd;akshg, I won't!). In fact, the thing I like about the four in hand knot is the asymmetrical angle it has (a little messed up). So I'm not too sure why I must have a dimple in my tie (I know the arguments about how it makes the tie stand up and blah blah blah but in reality I don't care too much about that). But I do, and that’s why you’ll almost never find me without a dimpled tie in any of my endless and awful pictures.

(By the way, I just placed an order at Lands End for a pair of charcoal gabardine pants. We’ll see how that helps the ‘ol pant situation.)

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