Sunday, January 3, 2010

Young Man: Catch-Up Post

I think this has been the longest period between posts (well, I guess between my last post and the one before it). It was weird not posting anything for that long, especially thinking continually that stuff would be cool to post. But I am happy to say that I only once or twice posted on forums while on vacation.

Anyways, on to the content. I don't enough time for the whole schpeal so let me sum-up.

I read a lot, bought a lot of books (I received a total of $100 in Barnes and Noble gift cards), got some cool clothes (a nice black LE chambray, an LL Bean flannel, a set of three monogrammed white handkerchiefs, a few ties I probably won't wear anytime soon, and some Bean gift cards that I traded in for a Buck knife), hung out with family a lot (I got to spend some quality time with my 2 year old nephew), got complimented a ton on my mustache, got laughed at a ton for my mustache, and generally overdressed for the Florida heat.

I don't really have any pictures of clothes from Florida, which I see as a good thing, but sorry if you feel otherwise.

The other real big thing that happened over my break was that my wife and I got tattoos. We've wanted some for quite some time, but only psyched ourselves up to get some in the past month. Last night we visited the only parlor in Clemson, Cherry Bomb Tattoo. If you are ever here and want to get tattooed, go to him, he is awesome. I've definitely got the bug now, and have five or six ideas for later. All able to be covered up if needed, by the way.

Mine on the left, my wife's on the right. Mine is right forearm and hers is left wrist.

Chi Rho, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria

In-context shot (tattoos and hippie bracelets? Oh man!)

This morning when I took the dogs out before Church it was 25 degrees. Time to break out the wool scarf and gloves. And coffee.

Detail shot. Free jacket (from Jordan at the Curriculum), BB shirt, Rooster tie, Hanauer square, LE khakis, AE Hanovers, Dunderdon scarf.

So I guess I'm back. Oh ya, and I'm going to put the word verification up for posts, since apparently I've become too popular to evade spam comments nowadays. Too bad, really.

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