Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Young Man: The Original Piece

Today I am wearing an outfit that I consider to be essentially Trad/Ivy/Classic American/whatever (I just consider it to be badass-cool).

BB blazer (3/2 sack, 3 patch pockets)
BB blue oxford
BB Argyle and Sutherlander variation tie
White silk square barely peeking out
ADG’s tie-bar
RRL regulation chinos (faded olive, cut waaaaay short [my bad, but I like the look])
Clark’s Desert Boots in navy suede

The last item’s cred is debatable as far as Trad goes, but I find them badass so if you don’t like it - tough. Go read someone else’s blog.

The blazer is really the piece that started it all for me. It was the first really trad/ivy thing I ever bought. Before this I had a darted tweed blazer, and my way into all this via pocket squares and snuff is documented elsewhere on here, but this was the first bare-bones, no-shit, ivy-to-death piece I owned. Bought off eBay in the summer just before my junior year started (I think it came the first or second day of classes). I love this blazer. It is a sack but not huge in the chest/waist, light and breathable even though it is a blend, and since it’s a blend, wrinkle resistant. It goes with almost every pair of pants I have (I tried it with my new LE charcoal gabs and I couldn’t see it, but it is apparently a classic look so I might try it sometime again).

I recently added a Southwick blazer to the stable and it looks and fits fine, but it is more volumnious, like most sacks, so I don’t wear it as much. This is the blazer for me. I’ll wear it until I physically cannot wear it anymore. Holes it the elbows? I’ll be patching it up. Shine? Who cares? I’m a teacher and most of the rest of these guys are in sneakers and polos everyday. Nobody will blink an eye at patched elbows and a shiny seat.

Here are some bonus shots.

P.S. I got a mention from the Valet magazine website. Check it out. Thanks very much to those guys. It's a pleasure and an honor.

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