Thursday, January 14, 2010

Young Man: Weakness

It is 12:30 on Thursday afternoon. I am sitting in the front left corner of the classroom, while the ninth grade students struggle to locate the object of Montague’s quote. I have spent the last five hours grading: hunched over a desk so long that my back has started to hurt. I still have an hour of grading to go.

This is my fourth day of student teaching. My fourth day of going to sleep at 8:30 pm and waking up at 5:30 am. My fourth day of driving ten minutes to meet my carpool to drive thirty minutes to get to my school.

My fourth day in a row of wearing a coat and tie. And that’s really the purpose of this post. Because when you have to put together five coat and tie outfits in a row, every week, you really get to know what the weaknesses of your wardrobe are.

For instance, I have enough heavier jackets to last until I retire. My tie and pocket square arsenal is likewise pretty set (though that certainly won’t stop me from getting more of both). I could use another pair of pennies, but my longwings and DB’s are filling the role nicely. I could use a few more plain shirts (white and blue), but I have enough for now (I will especially when my washer gets fixed).

No, my real weakness is pants. I have three or four pairs of chinos (khaki and olive), but that gets boring. I can’t wear jeans except on Fridays with a PHS t-shirt (no way in hell, by the way). And I don’t really want to wear a suit but once or twice a month.

That’s probably the big problem. I have something like 6 suits that I’ll only wear on Sundays. I should have saved some of that tip money to invest in a nice pair of wool or moleskin pants.

I guess a sartorial change every once in a while is good, if only that you can see what you need to work on, your weaknesses.

ed. note - For some reason I was in an introspective mood when I wrote this. I may have wanted to prove to myself that some American students can write.

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