Friday, February 12, 2010

Young Man: What I Would Take From LAS

The man behind Sartorially Inclined, LAS, is somewhat of a mystery to me. By that I mean he sort of came out of nowhere. I know we are the same age (though I always thought he was older), that he graduated from the wrong ACC school, and that he has a great eye for great clothes. He has been running SartInc for a little over six months. I remember a while ago he started commenting on my blog, then I got an email about the Bean Boot Project. He seemed like a cool guy and I liked what he had, even at that early stage, but didn’t pay a whole lot of attention.

All of a sudden he absolutely blew up. Don’t make the same mistake I did. He is required (daily) reading for anyone in the style game and absolutely essential for anyone who wants to learn about starting a blog of their own.

So besides everything I just mentioned, what could LAS have that I could want? Just a little pair of blue suede shoes.

If you read this blog semi-often you’ll know that I received a pair of navy suede DB’s for my birthday. Mine are Clarks and are seriously great shoes. My only beef is that they are very dark, with a black sole. Often people assume they are black.

LAS has a pair of the Mark McNairy blue suede chukkas with red brick soles. These things are so awesome it makes me sick. They are much lighter than the Clarks, and they have that famous red brick sole. I think the red sole also helps the shoes look lighter. When it comes time to get my Clarks resoled I might see if I can get a lighter sole (and in something more durable than crepe). Not to mention these shoes carry a significant price tag and seem to be sold out everywhere (at least the original RBS edition).

All of this added up equals my serious jonesing to steal these right out from LAS’ closet. I’ll be in his neck of the woods for a wedding in April, maybe I’ll swing by....

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