Thursday, February 11, 2010

Young Man: What I Would Take from Giuseppe

Giuseppe is one of the coolest guys in the blogosphere. He rocks his blog two or three times a week, has a following bigger than I'll ever hope to get, even if I posted thrice a day. He's one of the only guys I've seen the pink/green combo on who didn't make me laugh.

Oh yea, and the guy has a freakin gold mine in his closet. He's been thrifting for years and has a great eye (as well as a great spot or two), which adds up to some amazing and crazy pieces.

What I would steal from G (besides my jacket back) is this amazing scarf.

The story goes thus: his wife found this awesome patch blanket, which G recently cut up and sewed (oh ya, I forgot to say, he has some serious skills with a needle and thread) it up and made it into the great scarf you see here. I would wear that thing every single day.

I think the next person I'll steal something from will be LAS. Don't tip him off.

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